In this release cycle the focus will be to improve the automatic update system ( Making it fully automatic) and contiune to improve the client based on client feedback.


Automatic updates

Now the client will give you the option to downlad and start the installer without having to visit our site.


Site News 

This was added to give ppl the latest news from the site, so they can know whats updated in XXX version when they update the GuildStats client. 

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Changed: Players can now be contain the - in their name ( TSW and AOC)
Changed: Around how GuildStats resets between parsing different log files.
Added: Better logging of TSW defensive information
Added: Now saves game spesific data on a pr game file.
Added: AoC/TSW If a entity name contains space,- or _ its automaticly set to be NPC.
Changed: Encounter list now saves in a different way.
Fixed: Some potensial crashes with ppl that parse multiple games
Fixed: Posible crash in relation to ability list lookup
Added: Some improvements to class detection system
Changed: Main Stats tab no longer shows "NoClass" in TSW
Changed: Human player list is now maintained by same system as Ability list
Fixed: Posible crash
Fixed: Error where TSW logs would not correcly match healing
Fixed: Line type that would not parse in Rift ( It was odd)
Added: Message gretting first time users now correctly shows TSW icon
Added: New system for Ability list
Fixed: Some combat lines that did not parse ( Rift,TSW,SWTOR).
Fixed: Posible crash when generating party list in AoC / TSW

Added: Publishing for TSW
Added: Shows latest news in client.
Added: Automatic updates will now download the client also.
Changed: In Aoc and TSW its now always posible to set entity type to NPC