The main focus on this release cycle is to bring in support for parsing SWTOR combat logs, and improving the clients charts. And off course improving the client based on all the feedback the community sends in. For a more detailed changelog scroll to the bottom


The charts have recived big change, this allows the charts to automaticly "zoom" the Z axis over the area the user has selected, kind of complex to explain. But you will notice when you use our charts :)

Log syncing

To allow multiple real time parsing clients to share the logs to combine them, this is done by connecting to a remote server that hosts a combined logs and then keeps eatch client updated. Importent for SWTOR as it the easiest for multiple players to share the logs to get a complete picture.

More info about SWTOR combat logs

Log saving

Allowing saving of a log file in a format called zULF, this format allows for saving space ( Making the log much simpler to share) and provides higher parsing speed then the native game combat logs.


Features spesific for games

Parser working for English and German ( Semi for French).

You can read about SWTOR Combat logs here .
The logg syncing feature was just added, and off course requires more testing.

Has a new ability filter, that filters away abilties that should not count towards a players damage like Deathly Flames.
Support for Parsing German Rift combat logs ( Feedback welcome)

AoC has had several improvements to both the English and German parser.

Next updates will bring big improvements on the following places

Log syncing: This feature still has room for improvements, mostly on the server side.
Class detection for SWTOR for German and French logs.


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Changelog Changed: Minor internal changes Fixed: Ingame reports for TSW
Fixed: Minor changes to parsers when in multithreaded mode
Added: Improved parser for SWTOR.
Added: Improved parser for TSW.
Changed: Minimum heals to be considered a party/raid member to 10k (System used by AoC and TSW)
Added: Improvements to German parser plugin.
Fixed: Plugin API would mess up damage types
Added: Much improvements to Secret world parser
Added: Ingame reports to Secret world.
Added: Encounter and "party" detection for Secret world
Added: Basic support for The secret World.
Added: Improved system for handeling boss list updates
Fixed: Improvements on real time parsing for SWTOR ( IT could fail to find the file)
Fixed: Some other minor bugs
Added: Made sending failed log lines async.
Added: Now shows the application log in the About tab.
Fixed: Interal error where boss list could fail to automaticly be updated ( Would make a internal "crash").
Added: More error logging around autoupdate system
Changed: Automatic update check will now run once pr 22 hours
Change: To stable
Fixed: Bug with new date changing system.
Fixed: Posible error with parsing logs after 00, depends on the culture on the machine.
Changed: Will not show a Dialog box with information about beta updates when your on a stable release
Added: AoC: Will generate Party list even if its not used to filter logs ( This again means we get encounter list).
Fixed: Encounter generation had a bug where it could leave out pets from encounters ( Thanks to Sethlan and others)
Changed: Minor tweaks to AoC parser English.
Fixed: Parser issues for SWTOR ( Mostly English and German)
Fixed: Some minor things
Added: Log syncing will now inform in UI when the client is outdated.
Added: Log syncing client will no longer try to reconnect when its outdated.
Added: New user UI will have a link to long syncing help page.
Added: Log sync client will now reconnect if it encounters a internal parsing error instead of continuing to try to parse.
Fixed: Potensial crash when reading log date for SWTOR logs.
Added: Log syncing now includes information about entity type.
Fixed: Revive message not correctly parsed in SWTOR English combat log
Fixed: Debug code inside Log syncing that could crash client if error happend.
Added: First version of German parser
Fixed: Forgot to bump version number in .15
Added: Will get date from combat log file if posible for SWTOR
Fixed: A few face conditions, making the UI hang for infinity.
Added: When parsing logs from multiple players (SWTOR) it will automaticly clean out duplicated log lines.
Added: Real time parsing should now work for SWTOR.
Added: Minimal UI now has a setting in the option manualy set the folder to look for logs in real time.
Added: Much improved how groups are handled with multiple log files from different people ( SWTOR)
Added: First version parsing of French SWTOR logs
Fixed: Some minor issues with the zULF parser
Added: Detection for French SWTOR logs.
Added: More visual way of informing users about potensial how to help if the log file is not supported.
Added: Visual warning to users if GuildStats is failing to do automatic updates.
Fixed: Bug that would prevent realtime parsing ( Nice added in
Added: Safty code to the saving of logs to prevent crashes.
Added: First user Greetings dialog now correcly shows SWTOR.
Fixed: typo in feedback text
Added: Feedback link on top
Added: Ability to save combat log files as zUFL ( More details comming).
Added: Ability to double click on zULF files to make them start GuildStats and automaticly parse
Added: Program now accepts startup args.
Added: More support for different SWTOR combat loglines.
Changed: Encounter generation will now always end at the "end" of a second, to correcly get all death into it.
Fixed: Bug where Encounters tab would not have "everything" basicly select 1 encounter "higher" then you clicked. ( In reports tab ).
Fixed: Potensial internal error parsing in real time via Plugins
Fixed: Error in encounter generation that would mostly affect Rift.
Fixed: Real time parsing for AoC ( Broken during beta cycle)
Fixed: Reports tab would not correcly send reports via tells.
Fixed: Parser would assume all parses was aborted ( so parsing multiple log files woudld fail).
Added: Should now hide plugin UI when its not needed ( IE German parser UI for AoC should not be active if your using it for Rift)
Fixed: Potensial crash when starting the Client when searching for supported games installed.
Added: First version of SWTOR Parser
Fixed: Potensial internal crash when looking up encounters.
Fixed: Bug where Encounters tab would not have "everything" basicly select 1 encounter "higher" then you clicked.
Fixed: A few more failing lines in AoC Parser
Added: Charts have a much improved zoom behavior.
Added: Charts now makes the numbers easier to read
Added: Charts now shows the log times.
Fixed: AoC - Cases where Mana and stamina lines would be parsed incorrectly
Added: First version of German parser for Rift ( Feedback very much wanted !! ), class detection not in yet.
Fixed: Case where you would get a error message if you tried to do a automatic update check twice.
Fixed: You could not select players in main Stats window (Reported by Sethlan).
Fixed: It was posible to start parsing multiple times without waiting for it to finnish.
Fixed: AoC English would fail to parse serveral lines mostly related to Mana and staimna ( Reported by Sethlan).
Changed: Aoc English parser now uses the "new" system to report failures.
Changed: Internal refactor on how to pick correct parser.
Added: Concept of Sub bosses
Added: Better logging for errors on application start.
Fixed: Posible crash on startup.
Added: If 90% of raid members die, a encounter its marked as wipe.
Added: Concept of Ability filters, currently for Rift.
Added: Ability to delete Encounters from memory
Fixed: Potensial bug where application would not close for some time.
Changed: All parsed logs now go via the same log validator
Changed: Internal refactor