The FAQ page

How do i get get started?

Read our Getting started guide here

GuildStats.NET says there are no bosses in the encounters but there is.

The issue here is most likely that GuildStats.NET client dont know that XXX is a boss, please use the forums and let us know the boss names

It says my password or username has bad characters in it

Please make sure you are writing the actual password and username correct, and if you did this is how its fixed. Go to or and log out if your logged in, and go to the login page and click lost password and fill out the form and your new password will be sent to you ( Or change your password manually)

If you are unable to make this work please email a admin at contact @ from the email address assosiated with your account and provide your account name.

Why not generate HTML files that i can host on my own site?

1) The amount of data pr event ranges from 20mb to about 60mb pr event, so hosting this could create issues for most forums.
2) Due to the way we store data we can add new features your old events will also get these features.