This guide will explain how to get started posting your guilds combat logs  on one of the GuildStats.NET web sites.

Publish with Account

  1. Create a account on either or rift page. ( Follow the onscreen instructions on how to register account )
  2. Make yourself a Guild master or join your guild ( More information about: Guild Master )
  3. Use the GuildStats.NET client to parse the log file
  4. Click Publish in GuildStats.NET Client and follow the onscreen instructions.


Public post

Public Post are published without the need of any username, but they are automaticly deleted after 60 days. This makes public events perfect for either testing out publishing or pug runs.

And your DONE, its that simple.

If you have any feedback, feel free to stop by our forums and let us know ( Same account as used with either conanstats or rift stats page)