These reports provide a overview of either an entire event / encounter, giving information like damage done, healing done and damage taken.

Chart and data filter selections

1) Feature provided to make it simpler for you to share the Event with friends/Guild ( May also want to check out: RSS and Iframe for integration with you guilds site)
2) You can select any of the encounters inside the event so you can get detailed information regarding what happend in a spesfic encounter. You select the encounter you want via the dropdown list containing the list of selected encounters.
3) The chart, this chart becomes visible when you use the encounter selector to select boss fights.
4) Here you can select filters for the data in the main data table.

Main data Table

This is the primary data table for the Overview page, and contains a list of all the players and their assosiated stats. This list can be sorted by either clicking on the row title like Damage taken. If you are looking for other type of information you can hold your mouse over the Show Hide colums, to customize the view to contain the data you are looking for.


1) The list of Players ( Can also show player owned pets). You can click on the players for even more details about him
2) Some trival/meta information regarding event.
3) List of the bosses in the Event / Encounter you have selected, you can click  on him for even more details about him.
4) The player who have died in this encounter, you can click on them for a detailed death report showing the period before they die.