This is the minimal UI thats used when your parsing files in real time when playing your MMO. It allows easy changing between different overview like damage done, damage taken, healing done and healing taken. It also provides a overview of both your and your group/raids DPS in real time.

If your your combat log is not with the .exe file  ( IE SWTOR or perhaps using a beta MMO Client) you can change the folder GuildStats looks for the combat log

The default way the Minmal UI works is liket this:

  • The top values (In colors) provides a very breif overview of whats going on right now, and pauses when there is no activity.
  • The bottom part is a more detailed view of all the people in your raid. And when you leave combat, it will switch to a overview mode showing you the last fight (Encounter)

The different menu items are:

  • Damage done
  • Damage taken
  • Healing Done
  • Healing taken
  • Death

Sort method

This menu support different types of sorting damage or healing stats
Damage done
Damage taken
Healing Done
Healing taken
Option Menu - Provides different options like party filter and more
Hide players not in your party/raid - Hides none party members from the list.
Hide pets - Hide human pets from the list.
Hide Inactive players - Hides players from the list when they haven't done something for a while
Play warning when first spotting KoS Players - Will play a warning sound when players on your Kill on Sigh list first show up in the combat logs.
Entity List - Here you can edit the list of known players or NPC.

Realtime window

shows damage/healing stats in realtime while playing.

1.Your DPS Out
2.Your DPS taken
3.Your HPS done
4.Your HPS taken
5.Raid Damage done
6.Raid Damage taken
7.Raid Healing done

Keyboard shortcuts

The Minimal UI also supports keyboard shortcuts to make it faster and easier to use.

CTRL + G Hide or show only users in your group / party
CTRL + P Hide or show human pets ALT + P Hide or show inactive players ( Used when party/group filter is off)
CTRL + K Play sound on KoS warning sound when for the first time spotting someone on your KoS list.
CTRL + T Turn stay on top on or off ( Handy when playing AoC in windowed )
CTRL + C Clear old logs from memory Sort list of players based on:
CTRL + 1 Damage done
CTRL + 2 Damage taken
CTRL + 3 Healing done
CTRL + 4 Healing taken
CTRL + 5 Death