Log syncing

This feature is used in GuildStats to allow multiple real time parsing clients to share the logs to combine them, this is done by connecting to a remote server that hosts a combined logs and then keeps eatch client updated.

Remember if you wanna keep a complete set of syncted up logs after a raid/group, use the save logs option
This option can also be used to run pay attention to a raid, even when your not in it. You just select the Listen Only checkbox and then click RealTime UI

This feature is only enabled for GuildStats and SWTOR for now ( will be enabled for every game as time progresses).

Getting started

This is very simple, one person starts the GuildStats log syncing with a random LogSync ( By clicking on the Log syncing checkbox, leaving the textbox emty means you get a random Sync id).
The other people ( Not First) should enter the name of the log sync into the textbox under the Log syncing checkbox.
Then he clicks on the Real time parsing button
He should wait a bit untill he can see the Blue Log Syncing text:

Please note its posible to enter your own Sync ID, if your guild wants this. But please remember if someone else uses this random ID you will get all sorts of fun issues.

Finding the log sync ID

You can now see you log syncing name, in screenshots its MyEpicGuildSync. And new clients should enter this into the Textbox under the checkbox where it says "Log syncing" in the main UI before they click Logsync.