Joining a Guild

After creating an account on your membership status will show you as "Member".
All Members have the option to join a Guild.

To join a Guild, select "Account Profile" in the menu, then "Join an existing guild".
Find the Guild you want to join from the Search option.
Select the Guild, and click the Confirm button.

After confirming, the current Guildmanager of the Guild will see you as an active applicant to the Guild,
and can either Accept or Decline the application.
Talk to your Guildmanager ingame so he can take action.

When the Guildmanager approves your application your status will change to "Guildmember", and you will have access to upload logdata using your account.

If the Guildmanager declines the application, the only way to tell (as of now), is that the Cancel button will not show anymore, and you can once again choose to join or create a Guild.

Should you choose to cancel the application, simply click the Cancel button.