This page is spesific for Age of Conan or The Secret World, for other games go here

Ingame reports is a system that allows you to share stats information ingame with either group, raid or guild. There are 2 basic ways of doing this. The first is done via the stats tab and the second is via the Reports tab.

Stats Tab:
The Stats tab allows you do quick reports based on the current TopX sort method, and you can choose if you want to show report in group, raid or guild chat.

1) Open Stats tab
2) Select what method you want to sort Stats based on
3) Select where you want the stats to be shown from the radio boxes ( Group, raid or guild).
4) Press the Report Ingame button
5) Multi task back into the game.
6) Press Enter -> Press CTRL + V in the chat box ( The goal being to past content from the clipboard into the chat box).

Ingame Entity reports
These are reports that you can do either on human players or NPC like bosses, they are very useful when working out tactics and sport all sorts of information.
ATM you can only access this feature from the Minimal UI -> Entity List -> Right click on Player/NPC -> Generate report
and then go in game and CTRL + V like with any other report.

Death reports
Death reports are useful when trying to track down why someone died, it provides similar information to what the grim reaper addon does for WOW.