This feature is a great way to keep guild members updated with your raid progression from your website, IFrame is a very simple way of linking to your guilds latest raid progression from your own guild site without requiring any complex site modifications.



This is how you add it to your site:
<iframe src ="http://www.conanstats.com/Feeds/IFrame.ashx?Guild=30&EventCount=15" width="270" height="400">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


IFrame URL commands:
Guild=<number> Your guild number to get events from
EventCount=<number> The number of events to get
BGColor=<red|2550000> What color the background should be
TextColor=<red|2550000> What color the text should be

If your looking for more control you can use the RSS feature, where you can show the data in any way you want.