Q) Can control the size of Main or Minimal UI
Yes, Conan Stats changes the size of the UI based how many items are displayed and this can be controlled via the How many players to display in TopX mode setting in the main UI.

Q) GuildStats.NET says: Multiple instance detected
This will happen if you are running 2 or more instance of Conan Stats at once on the same machine. Because this can lead to problems the following features get disabled on the none original instances being started.
Global hotkeys
Real time parsing of logs

Q) Why does not XXXX character show up in raid information?
One reason could be that name of that char, for some reason funcom allows players to be named the same as pets or other things that can screw up log parsing. Having your char named like a pet will make it so you cannot enter the raid / party list.

Q) Can i reset the stats while playing ?
Yes, the Minimal UI offers a option to clear logs from memory this will remove all combat stats from memory and in effect clear the stats from that point on.

Q) I get this message: Error writing the script file
This error comes when Conan Stats fails to write the script file in the Age of Conan scripts folder, the most commen cases this can happen are:

1) Age of Conan is installed inside Program Files ( Or whatever thats translated to in your local language ) and your running Windows Vista with UAC on.
Solution 1: Move Age of Conan Outside of your C:\ Drive ( Or whatever your system drive is ) so Administrative rights are no longer required to write to the folder
Solution 2: Start Conan Stats with Administrative rights ( This is a bad solution, programs should be running with Administrative rights )
Solution 3: Turn UAC off ( This is a bad solution to )

2) You don't have enough hard drive space
Solution 1: Delete something or empty recycling bin

Q) Can i change the name of a combat log ?
Yes as of Conan Stats you can if your follow this format: CombatLog-2008-12-03_2021_BRCW1_Full_Run.txt you can change the text in bold

Q) I get: Error: The chat group 'Guild' is currently not available.
1) This error could happen if your trying to do ingame reports the guild channel when your not in a guild. If your not in a guild, dont try to report to the guild channel.
2) For whatever reason your Age of Conan client has 2 guild channels, if thats the case remove one or both.

Q) I get this error message 'You have not set the name of your character' ?
You have to set the character name because of a limitation in how Age of Conan logs its information. This is done in the Conan Stats Settings tab
When using report to self feature in Conan Stats i get Unknown user "csbot"

This is because the user csbot does not exist on your server, the message Unknown user csbot reflects that clearly. For this feature to work someone on your server needs to make a char named csbot ( Just make it on your server, and you DONT have to level it or anything. Just make it, and never touch it again ).

I get "Could not send message to offline player: The message is too big to fit in the inbox" when using the Report to self feature

This is to be expected, and should be ignored.

Q) Can i change character without restarting Conan Stats?

Yes, in short.

Age of Conan spesfic
But the problem is that Age of Conan does not log character changes so Conan Stats does not know exactly when it happens. So its recommended to do it this way:

1) type /logcombat off  in console to disable logging
2) Change character
3) /logcombat on  - Turning logging back on, this will in effect make it log to a new file.
4) Open Conan Stats, change the character name to the new name

Q) My class is detected wrong why?
1) You have changed your character while combat log was running, and Conan Stats is detecting the old chars class. To stop this you need to do /logcombat off and then turn it back on again with /logcombat on

2) Some bug in Conan Stats, please contact us with more details like real class and your combat log

Q) Does Conan Stats support other languages like French,German or Spanish?

German parser plugin is developed and released by the community and included in the release
More about the Plugin API can be found here. 

Q) Why are some lines failed at being parsed/read?
First off, it is possible there is a problem with the parser, so if you suddenly see a rise in failed lines after a patch you should contact us. When that said there are bugs in the Age of conan log files here is a few examples

Critical heals: This lines does not log any amount  of healing done.
[20:47:01] Onystar critically heals Ceku for Onystar.

Q) Stranger shows up in your log files ( Age of Conan):
Stranger seems to come into log files for no known reason, we can only guess its releated to client not knowing some entities name or a bug
[21:49:05] Stranger's Kyllikki's Blizzard hits Morbid for 378 frost damage.

Q) Why does list of players show to many or npc`s ?
The most likely issue here is you did not turn on the Party members only filter. Real more about that in the documentaion on the settings tab. If you have enabled this feature please contact us to report the bug

Q) Does this program send any information home?
Automatic update checks, this is done by downloading a text file and this process will not send any information.
Automatically sends crash information to help debug crashes.

The information in the crash reports are encrypted when being transfered and the information will only be used to improve our programs.

Q) Why do you require the .NET Framework?
Using the .NET framework means we dont have to waste our time reinventing the wheel, it basicly translates into spending coding features the users want.